Authenmole Inc.
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Premium Instant Tea Extract
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Instant Tea, Botanical Extract, Botanical Medicine, Dietary Supplement, Tea
Authenmole Biotech District, Guangdong Meizhou Hi-tech Industrial Park, Meixian, Meizhou, Guangdong, 514779

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Authenmole Inc. (Stock Code: 835484)Guangdong Authenmole Biotech Inc. is a world-leading hi-tech enterprise of research & development, manufacturing and wholesaling of natural tea and plant extract products. By patented invention of molecule purification technology with application in natural plants deep processing and extraction, we have successfully built the world’s first industrial chain for molecular food standardized manufacturing.With application of patented technology invention of PLEESIT (Plant Low-temperature Extraction & Efficient Separation Integration Technology), we have developed five categories of teas, vegetables, flowers and fruits, funguses and Chinese traditional herbal medicine, with natural nutrients at definite components and proportion, without pesticide residue, and of far better efficiency. With more than 30 international or domestic invention patents as a national awarded hi-tech enterprise, our company leads the revolution of the health product industry in the world.Products enjoy globally hot sales in different countries, in brand names of Gemwell, Authentea, LaCharm, Yer. With full commitment of health product development and custom cooperation for win-win business, any cooperation contact would be appreciated to introduce more health products to consumers hand in hand. Authenmole Research Institute Authenmole Research Institute, with experts and professors from Guangdong Authenmole Biotech Inc., Lab of Technology Development of New Century Group (USA), the National Institute of Complementary Medicine of the University of Western Sydney (Australia),State Key Laboratory for Emerging Infectious Diseases of the University of Hong Kong, Institute of Genetic Engineering of Southern Medical University (Ch...