For customization, what kinds of plants are within your service?

Our technology can extract almost all kinds of plants. The plants we have tested include:

     1Tonic Raw Materials: Cordyceps, Gymnadenia Conopsea, Ginseng,Cordyceps, Maca, Polygonum Multiflorum, Tricholoma Matsutake, HericiumErinaceus, Saussurea Involucrata, Truffle.

2Tea: All kinds of flower and tea

3Fruit & Vegetable such as apple,peach,blueberry,mango,strawberry,passion fruit; tomatoes, spinach etc.

4Homology of Medicine and Food: Aloe, Matrimony Vine, Longan, LotusSeed, Lotus Leaf etc.

     5Nutrient Cereals: Black Bean, Broad Bean, Buck Wheat, Mung Bean, Oat.

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