Chinese Hi-tech Instant Tea Extract—Attend Paris International Food & Beverage Exhibition

From: France News
Time: 2014-11-14

Chinese Hi-tech Instant Tea Extract—Attend Paris International Food & Beverage Exhibition

Authentea got a beautiful booth in the 8th exhibition room of SIAL 2014 France International Food & Beverage Exhibition.There were near 600 booths in the8th exhibition room. It’s unprecedented. These companies, including over thirsty tea manufacturing companies, showed agricultural product, animal husbandry product, seafood and many other kinds of processed products to customers. Not only large state-owned enterprises, also private enterprises attended to this exhibition. Authentea had exhibited a large amount of flavorful instant tea extract and herbs extract. All is in 0.6 grams pack.

Zoe Zhao owns a fluent spoken English. She’s always proud of these innovative products, and she would describe the whole manufacturing process without missing any chances.



With purification extraction technology, Authentea purifies and extracts the tea leaves into pure tea extract under the state of constant low temperature and high pressure, perfectly staying the whole characteristic of the different types of tea leaves. Also a variety of valuable nutrition is kept at the same time, such as polyphenols, protein, amino acid etc.



Our chairman Stone Zhou is a biotechnology engineer and specialist.Is he that invented this new technology PLEESIT(Plant Low-temperature Extract& Efficient Separation Integration Technology). It has obtained many patents. Stone Zhou was very happy to see so many customers came to his booth, for the first time our company attend international food & beverage exhibitionin Paris.

Authentea Inc. was registered in Hongkong. Our factory is located in Meixian district,Meizhou, East Guangdong Region. We have R&D team for natural plants purification extract.

Authentea Inc. owns several tea leaves plantation, such as Fujian Wuyi Mountain, Chaozhou Fenghuang Mountain. And we plant fine quality green tea in Meixian.

Regardless of the convenient brewing method, beautiful packing designs, various teaextract with original, fruit, flower flavors, or all kinds of herbs and plants extract, there were always many visitors during the display.

This crystal extract is portable and very easy to be consumed. Its dissolving rateis instantaneous, only need 3 seconds to fine a perfect cup of tea. The soup isvery clear without any sediment. Moreover, it’s cold or iced water soluble.



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