3 Cups for 3 Meals Tea Extract

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  About the Product

 · 100% pure herbal extraction. Additives and preservatives free, pesticide residues and heavy metals are removed. 

 · 0.6g/sachet,30 sachets/cylinder package.

  Product Description

 · 3 Cups for 3 Meals is designed for office people who are lack of exercise and needs hydration, refreshing and focus under work pressure...

 · With this tea collection you can savor 3 delicious tea varieties of English Breakfast, Peach Iced Green Tea and Detox Tea for morning refreshing, after-meal fat-burning and detoxifying.

 Other Information


 1.English Black Tea: Black Tea Extract;   

 2.Peach Ice Green Tea: Green Tea and Peach Extract;

 3.Detox Tea: Black Tea, Hibiscus, Rose and Stevia Extract;


 1. English Black Tea: Nourishes & Protects Stomach; Diastoles Blood Vessels; Diminishes Inflammation & Sterilization; Strongs Bone;

 2. Peach Ice Green Tea: Supports respiratory health; Soothes throat discomfort; Soothes a headache; Whitens skin; Healthy care;

 3.Detox Tea: Assists weight loss; Lowers cholesterol level; Detoxifies the body; Adjust endocrine;

 Payment Method: TT, Western Union, Paypal.

 Product Details

 Sachet Size: 8.5×2cm;  Outer Package Size: 23×8×11cm;

 Processing Type: Low-temperature Extraction;

 Feature: 100% Pure-nature Herbal Extraction. Ready-to-drink in 3 Seconds with Hot or Warm Water Soluble;

 Shape: Powder Crystal;

 Liquid Color: 

 1. English Black Tea: Clear Red-Brown;

 2. Peach Ice Green Tea: Clear Light Yellow;

 3. Detox Tea: Clear Dark Red-violet;

 Shelf Life: 2 Years;

 Recommendation: 200-300ml  pure or distrilled water recommended.